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Hey there, Super Busy Mom!

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Stressed out?

Like your to-do list is never ending?

Lost because you feel you are just mom and have no time for yourself?

Unsure of how to get dinner on the table?

Don’t worry! I understand!

Welcome my friend! My name is Dionne-writer behind the Domestic Dee blog. For the past few years, I have been sharing meals, motherhood, and motivation with busy moms around the globe.

Everything I share has been tried and tested with my own family. Trust me they are not always an easy bunch. My goal in my little online space is to inspire busy moms to provide a family-friendly approach to life.

When I am taking a break from blogging, you can find me cuddled up under my Snuggie watching Food Network, chasing my 2 boys, or drooling while reading my cookbooks.

If you are dying to know more, here are 3 things most people don’t know about me…

I grew up in Germany most of my life. Oh, how I miss Spain. I can’t wait to be reunited. LOL

I love fried foods! Fried chicken, Fried Fish, French Fries, you name it!

I am addicted to cookbooks. It is so bad my husband bought a bookshelf just for them. And guess what? It is completely full!

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