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    Instant Pot Quick Side

    Instant Pot Cabbage

    Instant Pot Cabbage

    This easy Instant Pot Cabbage recipe is a quick way to make delicious and flavorful cabbage in your Instant Pot. This recipe is perfectly seasoned with delicious flavors using simple ingredients. It is a filling and hearty dish by itself but makes an even better side dish with a main dish. This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Instant Pot Cabbage Cabbage is a Southern Classic that doesn’t seem to get as much love as…

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  • busy mom

    29 Self Care Affirmations for Every Mom

    All moms need self-care affirmations to incorporate into their day-to-day.  These self-care affirmations for moms are a great way to get your mind back on track with positive vibes. When we don’t give ourselves…

  • cranberry sauce with orange juice

    Cranberry Sauce

    This quick and easy cranberry sauce recipe is homemade and only requires a few ingredients. This recipe has brown sugar and orange juice making it a delicious, sweet, and tangy cranberry sauce. Cranberry Sauce…

  • collard greens with smoked turkey
    Dinner Side

    Southern Style Collard Greens

    Collard greens are nutritious and hearty. These perfectly seasoned collard greens with smoked turkey recipe is cooked in turkey broth with shredded turkey meat mixed in. Cooking the collard greens in a smoked turkey…