Potty Training Essentials – What Will You Need?

Potty Training Essentials

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Potty Training Essentials

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The ultimate potty training essentials list of everything you need to succeed. This list is no fluff list with only the things you really need and will use.

Potty Training Essentials – What Will You Need?

Is it time to start potty training your precious little one? If so, you might be at a loss for what you will need to get. There are so many items out there that you can get for potty training and you could go overboard.

However, that could confuse your child and make them unwilling to learn how to use the potty. By getting only the potty training essentials, you can help your toddler learn with ease.

Before learning about these essentials, I want you to know that I have potty trained two boys going on number three. I have a bit of experience with potty training and have learned what essentials are needed for potty training.

Potty Chair

If you are getting ready to potty train your toddler, you will want to get a potty chair. You can put this in your home to make potty training easier on your little one, instead of having them use the actual toilet. We used this with our 1st son, but not with our 2nd son.

Potty Chair Reducer

This is a seat that you can put on your toilet. It makes the hole of the toilet much smaller. This way your child can sit on it without slipping down into the toilet.

A potty chair reducer leaves you with much less to clean up than with a potty chair or with having your child use the toilet on its own.


When your child is ready for potty training, you are also going to want to teach them to wash their hands after every time they go potty. If you get a stool they can reach the sink easier to wash their hands.

In addition, the stool can make it easier for your child to go number 2. The stool will give them something to put their feet up on while going potty.

Flushable Wipes

Potty training takes time and you may want to use flushable wipes, while your child is learning. Your child is already used to you using wipes on them, so the flushable wipes are a good transition, before having them use toilet paper.

The great thing about these wipes is that your child can flush them down the toilet and you won’t have to worry about any plumbing issues.

Hand Soap

If you want to promote clean hands, you should get some hand soap for the bathroom. You could even get your child their own special hand soap.

Not only does this promote good habits, but having it will ensure your child can keep their hands clean after using the bathroom.

Potty Training Essentials-

Faucet Extender

Does your child have a difficult time reaching the faucet? If so, you can get an affordable faucet extender.

This will make it much easier for your child to wash their hands after they have finished going potty.


When it comes time for potty training, you may want to switch your toddler from diapers to pull-ups. These are easy for them to pull up and down without help, which means they can help to prevent accidents.

It is best to use these before moving your child to underwear. The other great thing about pull-ups is that they don’t leak, so while your toddler is learning to use the potty, you won’t have to deal with as many messes.


After diapers, comes the pull-ups. For a while, your child is going to use pullups, but soon they will master those. At that point, you are going to need to have some underwear for your child.

Many children are more motivated to potty train when they know they get to be in underwear, so you may want to get these before they are even ready for them.

Potty Timer

Do you want to help your child to prevent accidents? You can get a potty time or a potty timer watch.

These will go off as a reminder for your child to try using the toilet. You can preset them to go off at set intervals.

Protective Mattress Cover and Extra Sheets

As you are potty training your toddler, there are going to be some accidents. Be sure you get a protective mattress cover to prevent your child’s mattress from getting ruined.

You should also have some extra sheets for when your toddler does have accidents in bed and that will happen for a while.

Pants with Elastic Bands

Many toddlers rush to the bathroom at the last moment when they need to go potty. They will do this for some time while they are potty training. If they are wearing jeans, it will be much more difficult for them to get their pants down in time.

You should get them some pants with elastic bands to make things easier on your toddler.

Disinfecting Wipes and Carpet Cleaner

As previously mentioned, there will be times that your toddler doesn’t make it to the toilet in time. They are going to have some accidents on the floor. For these times, it is best to have disinfectant wipes to clean things up.

If they have an accident on the carpet, you will want to have some carpet cleaner handy.


Rewards are a great incentive for getting your child to use the toilet. I personally like to give Dum Dum lollipops. You could use stickers, fruit snacks, or other small rewards.

Potty Training Essentials

When can you start potty training?

Many parents want to know when they can start potty training. It really is based on each individual child. Generally, children start potty training when they are between 18 months and 2 ½ years old.

Your child will usually show signs that they are ready to start trying. My boys either started pulling off their wet diapers or they would run to a corner and go number 2.

You can look for the signs that your child is ready and begin potty training at that time. You can also choose an age and try to potty training and see if your child is willing.

Potty training is tough. You have to go into it knowing that you will need to have patience. I have always waited until my child was ready to start.

They will eventually get it, so don’t dread this milestone too much.

If you have already started potty training, let me know your essentials have been.



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