9 Budget-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

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Summer is here! School is out. This is what kids look forward to the most! Their first thought is now I can chill and relax. Well, at least my 11-year-old does.

Now, what does that mean for parents?

The kids are going to want to do fun activities all summer long. No kid wants to go back to school in August without a fun story to share.

My husband and I always ask the oldest what summer activities he wants to do. Most of the time he says he doesn’t know but he will also say he is bored. To avoid him saying bored we tend to come up with budget-friendly summer activities that the boys rant and rave over.

Here are 9 budget friendly summer activities that kids will love.

Picnic at the Park

For our trip to the park we will go during lunch. I will pack sandwiches, chips, fruit (strawberries), chocolate chip cookies and water. We find a shaded area and just eat lunch with some music playing.

Carousel at the mall

Kids just love the activities and games that are at the mall. Especially the carousel.


Nothing beats a family fun bowling night. Make sure to check Groupon or Living Social for additional savings.

Family Movie Night

We will get a Redbox or Amazon Streaming movie or watch an old school Disney classic we currently own, along with some deliciously warm buttery popcorn. I will put out the popcorn in small personal bowls so everyone will have their own serving of popcorn to indulge in.

Grill out

This is one of the boy’s favorites. The hubby will grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers. We will side it with chips or baked beans. While the food is grilling, the boys will play with their bubble blowers until the food is ready to serve.

Swimming at the local community pools

There are normally quite a few local pools available to swim at. In our area, there are a variety of water parks to choose from. Luckily, we have one of the best water parks right behind our house.  They are very affordable and the kids love the slides that they have for all ages. Nothing beats splashing around in the pool on hot summer days.

A trip to Five Below

The boys love going to Five below. They seem to have everything you can think of. Toys, candy, books, you name they have it. I will forewarn you that you might want to inform the kids of there being a toy limit before arriving. We’ve quickly learned that things can get out of hand if proper awareness isn’t advised before leaving the house.   I realized without at limit the boys would try to get the whole store in the cart. LOL

Homemade Slime

Homemade slime is a big thing now. This is a fun craft activity that you can do with the kids as they learn how to measure and follow instructions to create something exciting they can play with. Pinterest has some great easy recipes.  Just be careful and make sure they do not get in in their hair. (Speaking from experience)

Bake Cookies

Bake up some chocolate chip cookies. It is fun watching the kiddos pour in the ingredients. Also, pack a few to have the kids take to their grandparents. Grandparents love anything from their grandbabies.

Let the summer fun begin to create awesome memories! What are some budget-friendly summer activities you have on your list? Let me know below.


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