How to meal plan when you don’t feel like it?

How to Meal Plan when you don't feel like cooking. www.domesticdee.com

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How to Meal Plan when you don't feel like cooking. www.domesticdee.com

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As much as I love to cook, sometimes I just do not feel like it. Our family schedule is crazy busy with sports activities and errands.  The first thing I think about fitting in my schedule is rest!

One of the last things I think about is meal planning and cooking especially after I come home from a long day at work.

My brain just thinks, lay down Dionne. And sometimes I listen LOL

The thing is no matter how busy life is we need food, clothes, and shelter. Well, at least that is what my daddy told me. I didn’t always think he was right but on this one, I think he got me.

See, when we don’t plan, it always seems like everything is out of order.  For example, forgetting to plan dinner could have the kids upset, starving, and highly irritable.

The infamous line, “Mommy, I’m hungry! Do you have any snacks?”

This then causes you to freak out because you are thinking what are we going to have? You don’t want to make the same old dish, even if the kids love it.  Have the same foods over and over is just boring and I am sure most people would feel the same.

One thing I could say is that if I did want to make the same thing every day my hubby wouldn’t mind it because he just wants to eat. LOL

Having take out is an option, but who wants to spend their hard earned money every time you forget to meal prep?  Definitely not me!  

Luckily, we’ve recently discovered that when our weekend is hectic, full of things to do, and no time to prep, we found that having someone else do the planning for us is a major help in our household.  

Meal planning and grocery shopping done for you? Yep!

Home Delivery Service to the rescue!!!

Meal planning done for you!

Grocery Shopping done for you!

New recipes weekly!

Let me tell you, these are extremely helpful when we have the calendar full and it seems you will have no time to meal plan and go to the grocery store.

Now our family does not do this every week because it does add up. But we definitely use it when we can’t get time back into our schedule.

Our family has tried and enjoyed both Blue Apron and HelloFresh. Both Blue Apron and HelloFresh provide delicious homemade meals and are quite similar. I did notice that HelloFresh meals take about 30 minutes to make on average.

So if in the evenings you don’t have much time to whip up a delicious healthy meal, HelloFresh would be the route to go.  Otherwise, if you have a little more time, Blue Apron is just a good.

An example of one of our favorite Blue Apron meal was

Salmon and Fried Rice

The HelloFresh meal we enjoyed was Tomato Cream sauce pasta.

I just love the thought of having meals delivered right to my doorstep.

Have you tried a home delivery service? Did it help take a little stress off your shoulders? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Meal Plan when you don't feel like cooking.




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