Hey! I’m a Yummly Publisher!

Hey! I'm a Yummly Publisher! www.domesticdee.com

Hey! I'm a Yummly Publisher! www.domesticdee.com


Hey! I want to let you in on a little secret. Yummly is where it’s at! Let me tell you. I am really started to love Yummly more and more every day. About a year ago, my sister in law had started cooking and posting meals almost daily on Instagram. That took me by surprise because she is not the one to cook. She loves to go out to eat. If I ever needed to know what to eat at a restaurant I definitely would call her to get a recommendation.  She has never failed me, well, maybe once. LOL!  So I asked her where are you getting all of these dishes you are posting?  She told me the recipes were from Yummly and to go to the app store right now and download it!  I am thinking to myself, what is Yummly?  Well, Yummly is a social media food network where anyone can find delicious recipes that you can save.

I plan to start publishing my recipes on Yummly! This means that if you have a Yummly account, you can click the “Yum” button at the bottom on my recipes and save them to your recipe bank on your Yummly account.  You are also able to share them with your followers. Now head over to Yummly and sign up.

Here is a great place to start! http://www.yummly.com/page/domesticdee

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